Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Back to the real world...

Well, we made it back in town. It was a great vacation! The mountains are nice and cool and the weather was just the beginning. We actually had so much of a chance to hang out a relax. The kids had a great time, with lots of simple family stuff. There are no cell phones, no internet, no TV up there...

I got to see the damage from the broken pipe up close and personal- WOW. Lots of demolition. Lots of rebuilding. Mark is going to head back up there as soon as he's recovered from the drive home to finish the rebuild. A lot still to do, but he'll finish things soon.

I had a ton of knitting time. I have to get some photos still of things but here's a bit of the work on PeeWee's sweater. It is finished, I never got a shot of her in it but I am SO thrilled with it. I will get a shot tomorrow. Today was too much returning to the real world. I used Anne Budd's book of sweater patterns, it's a great source for so many things! I love that she did those books and saved us all a ton of math!

I didn't write any of the pattern down, basically I stole ideas from a bunch of places I like. It was supposed to have swing, but I didn't take the ribbing in to account so it's more of an A-line shape. I know one of my goals was to create the pattern and write it out for the patterns page, but..... there's still a bunch of summer left, maybe it'll happen.

Speaking of the list of goals, I almost finished the second Sockapalooza sock. I worked quite a bit in the car on the way home, Mark was in the mood for driving so I kept my hands busy. Carole's gift of the counter came in handy- I used it to follow the chart instead of a sticky note, much easier! I had to fight PeeWee to keep it for myself though, she LOVES that thing- click, click, click! I took a break from knitting today. Ten hours in the car really does a number on my brain, so I figured I would leave the needles until I have rested up a bit.

A great yarn shop opened up this spring in our little vacation town. I am so happy! I bought some yarn and a pattern too. Yep. It's one of those super simple patterns- a series of rectangles all put together. Yeah, I know, pictures of that tomorrow too... (My camera was busy getting shots of the kids!) They had a model in the shop and a full length mirror, and it looked simple and good looking. And if a model looks good on me, I am sold. (I am a bit curvier than most models out there!)

More pictures tomorrow, planning on keeping up with the blog more regularly, add that to the goals too.