Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Diet Motivation

I've lost a whopping 8 pounds this year. That's a whole pound a month for those of you who are math challenged. My goal is still 44 pounds away. I am very pleased that I have not gained 8 pounds, don't get me wrong! Because certainly when we were evacuated I chunked up a bit, about 15 pounds in fact.

Mark and I had a lot of chat time on our ten hour drive the other day and we're both going to get ourselves healthy again. We must, we're both a bit run down. And chubby. And just getting older. We figure if we take it easy and smart we'll both be able to drop a bit by the holidays. He thinks I can lose 2 pounds a month, a relatively easy thing considering how committed I have been so far this year. His goal for me is 20 pounds. Before you get mad and think, "he has a goal for her!?!!!?!" I have a goal for him too, it's 30 pounds. And since he thinks 20 is all I need to lose when I know it's double that, well, you gotta love him.

Since I am lazy with a capital "L", I had to come up with an alternate motivator. Two of them, in fact.

First, no more yarn OR pattern purchases until I have dropped the 20. Holy smokes, no yarn OR patterns? Outta my way, I need to find my exercise shoes! The only new thing coming into this house will be my Make One Sockaholics Anonymous! Paid for earlier this year, so it doesn't count as new.

Second, a couple of White Lies Designs patterns I bought before we left for vacation. Naughty ones. Things that are just not going to look that hot snugged over this almost three year old baby belly.

I'm looking forward to this challenge. I haven't been motivated enough just by looking in the mirror. The idea of no yarn is enough to make one m&m really satisfy me. For the week. Because I have this little addiction to fiber. I weigh in on Saturday mornings, so I hope I'll have some progress to share here. Any ideas for how you've lost it or are losing it or some other motivation will be gladly accepted too. Remember, this one's for the yarn.

And what have I been turning yarn into? All sorts of goodies!

PeeWee's newest favorite toy, a snazzy little sheep. A sheep which looks like a hedgehog. It needs ears, too. But we love it. A bit of tweaking and the pattern should be perfect.

And another pair of socks. Christmas socks in fact. It's so hot here it may be Christmas before I want to wear them. They are some yarn from last year's Rockin Sock Club, which I chose not to rejoin this year for different reasons. I think I have used the yarn well though. Kind of subtle in a way I like. Because I'm so subtle, you know.

Here's the progress on my father's Christmas gift, his orange vest.

I keep waffling on the pattern, but I really think he'll wear it as it is. He's all about color and really appreciates handmade things. If nothing else, he'll wear it when I am around. I like it so that works for me!