Friday, August 31, 2007


Crafty Wednesday was Crewel. I haven't done much embroidery in a very very long time, I am not patient and so I have a short attention span if things are taking too long. Explains all the WIP's around here.

I had never done crewel and it is another fun one for me! My friend baked us mac and cheese (she makes the best) and a great salad and when we were done we got out the kits and started. She had picked up retro kits somewhere- these are great, the colors and style of mine is so 1972.

Simple seems to be what my very over-taxed brain is craving right now. I managed to get two repeats of the camisole's lace, time has been scarce and it's a pretty good stretch over 193 stitches. Considering it's a 4 row pattern, I am not bragging, I struggled to get that much done! Not my normal knitting style, I LIKE to count, have repeat patterns, to think about my knitting. But lately there have been so many distractions it's been difficult at best to knit.

I am also working on some mittens, getting close to finishing the second one. Christmas gift to put away. That's simple knitting, but time around here has been scarce. These are my portable knit. Simple little basketweave cuffs, something I will do again.

The first few weeks of school have been very busy for me. Lots of meetings, open houses, parent dinners and all that. It has been fun reconnecting with everyone, meeting some new faces and socializing. It should calm down a bit mid-September, and Mark will be home next week, giving me my girl's stitching weekend! A break I totally need. What a treat after the crazy last few weeks.

Unfortunately with my too busy life, the scale has not budged. I'm surprized it didn't actually go up, this week or so has been a doozy, and I am a big stress eater. I need to get moving, that's this week's goal, especially with the big weekend coming up. I'll have to show rerstraint to not blow it. (I want yarn though.)