Monday, September 03, 2007

A finished object!!

Yes! The mittens are done. Cute as can be. Will make a great gift for my niece. Koigu sock yarn, almost two balls of it. Color- who knows? One of the long lost ball bands that will be found one day when the kids are sorting through my debris.

I'm starting some socks. I need a portable project. Simple little pattern, kind of fun, not too competitive with the yarn, which I love! Another Koigu, the ball band is out with the ball band from the mittens, having coffee or something, no idea what color they are, but I love the citrus fruit look.

And I have managed a few more repeats of the lace. Taking this one very slowly. It seems to want nice and slow. The soft red is great. Maybe I can wear it for the holidays. If it's done by then. I like the yarn, working with it is easy enough, and I'm blowing through stash with the yarn diet! **

I'll be sorting through yarn tomorrow to find just the perfect goodies to bring along on the Girl's Stitching Weekend. I think I will bring the camisole yet leave it in the bag in case it calls my name. It demands my full attention and I am not sure I will be able to devote the love it requires with a drink in hand. Several almost done WIP's are in line to get packed.

**the scale is stalled, but a much calmer week is ahead, so I am keeping my fingers crossed we get it moving again