Monday, September 10, 2007

Girl time

The girl's weekend was a hit. Lots of drunken dishing, catching up, staying up entirely too late, and knitting. The stuff I like. It's a group of girls I rarely see because even though we live near each other and have (for the most part) known each other for all our lives, we have different worlds when we are home and forget to make the time to hang out. So it's really fun when we do. We get loud and raucous and talk and drink too much, telling stories on our husbands and kids and getting our fair share of serious giggles out. It was my only night away from PeeWee since she came home. Almost three years without a night off. I slept great.

I got the ends of PeeWee's sweater woven in and finished up a preemie hat to drop off at the hospital. (Preemie knitting time is coming up. I am starting it early this year. Details to come soon if you want to join in.) I also got most of the way through the socks I was working on.

Today it was back to real life. I have all sorts of meetings and appointments this week. Nothing I really feel like dealing with. It's going be a treat to have the whole family together for a change.

I have yet to unpack or upload pictures or anything remotely productive. I was sort of protesting being back. Marky Mark took the day off so we could visit since he was gone for two and a half weeks and came home just in time to let me leave. We haven't seen each other much lately and we were glad to have a day to find out what's going on.

Pictures and details tomorrow...