Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mirror mirror on the windshield

I ordered a Mirror Yarn Ball from Bezzie's Etsy shop, and I love it! It's great to have a bit of whimsy swinging from the rear-view mirror. PeeWee loves it, Big Brother told me he thinks I have an Etsy "problem" but it's cool. Big words from a 14 year old boy. Bezzie you should be proud.

I am in the midst of a organizing frenzy. I am keeping my fingers crossed I get it done today, as tomorrow is Crafty Wednesday and I can't be bothered to do any housework on such an important day. Last week we did needle felting, it deserved no pictures until I finished something into a nifty Christmas ornament. (it's a small chair, not a huge ornament)

I rather like the silly little thing and since our tree is one of those full of handmade goodies, old ornaments and glass balls it couldn't be a better match for me. I like a bit of folk art on my tree. Tomorrow I have no idea what's in store for us, we're off to someone else's house for the weekly adventure.

Here's a picture of a very basic preemie hat, modeled by our very favorite Teetsie.

As you can see the decreases on the crown of this one make three triangles, kind of a cute touch.

How was it made? I cast on 60 stitches using some Paton's Grace, a great big box store substitute for some much pricier cottons, joined in the round, knit 7 rows of garter stitch for the edging (remember this was football game knitting, knit until it was almost 4 inches tall and began decreases. I had divided these stitches on three dpn's so I just decreased at each end, k2tog at the beginning of the needle, ssk at the end. I decreased every round with this one, so being cotton it's a tad bit looser than I really like, but it turns into little lacy bits so that works design-wise. I drew the yarn through the remaining stitches when I got to 6, wove in the ends and done. A good simple pattern.

A while back I joined the Harmony Semi-solid Sock Yarn Club and yesterday this lush yarn arrived in the mail.

Lush! No better word for it comes to mind! It's so incredibly soft! The color ranges from an almost salmon to a raspberry. I find so many patterns fight the yarn and they are both overwhelmed, I am on the lookout for a pattern that will do it justice, any suggestions?