Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Contest yarn (and other bits and pieces)

Here's yarn one for the contest:

Cherry Tree Hill 100% silk fingering weight. It's lovely, 666 yards of it, too. Blues, greys, aquas... the picture is showing up darker on my monitor, it's clean clear colors. Go leave a comment to have a chance to win it! If you just want to support me but not knit, that's fine, I need cheerleaders! Spread the word about the contest, there will be more yarns popping their heads up until November 29th.

Hat finished this weekend modeled by PeeWee's my size doll, she was tiny indeed!

On to other stuff.......

Don't you hate it ...when you go to do something and what you need is not there!?!

So much for hooking up my iPod and finally kicking out the clutter that was piled up to the ceiling when I came home Sunday. The little cord is gone. Which means someone- ahem, Big Brother!?!- had to unhook it from behind the stereo and take it.

This house is a crazy disorganized mess (again) the cleaning people come tomorrow so I am doing my best to de-clutter today so it's really easy for them to clean, and it gets done better. And I don't feel so bad that I am paying someone to make up for my extreme lazyness.

Also, when you tell a 14 year old boy to 'take this rug up to the playroom', would you think he would get it into the right room? I would have thought the only room upstairs without a rug in it is where it would have gone, but instead I now have two rugs in the front room, one of which just doesn't match (and is piled on top of the other rug). But it does match the only room up there with no rug. Mysterious. And this was what he was doing for me while I baked 3 batches of brownies for his freshman bake sale today. Umm...

Tomorrow the kids are off from school and I have 800 things to do, all at the same time. Good planning skills in action. I have to blow off the first thing to do the second, but the first thing is supposed to be finished for the third thing to happen. But the third thing overlaps with the second, which I can't blow off, so I have to skip the third thing, or at the very least, stop by late for a minute and drop off the first thing, which I don't have time to do. The fourth thing is picking up something else after the third thing, which I may not make it to. Seeing a pattern here? It doesn't help that things two three and four are all in the same place and yet I still can not do them all at once. I hope no one's counting on me here. Especially since my ideal day would be blowing off things two three and four and taking my sweet time doing thing one.

Here are some pictures from the weekend, as you can see, we went all out, it was very strenuous, physically taxing indeed!

This is from the porch- there used to be several houses across the bayou, now there are just open lots and slabs (that's not a road you see, it's slabs)- it was a very strange thing to not see what we grew up seeing.