Friday, September 28, 2007

::cough cough::

All things here at our house have slowed to a crawl. I was feeling a little run down and uncharacteristically called my doctor for an appointment. Turns out lack of sleep is not the only thing running me down. It's also the sinus infection, the fluid in both my ears, the laryngitis and the bronchitis.

But yes, I am a mother so I ignore it. I'm glad I went in because we've got an awful lot of planned events in the month of October which I either can't or won't miss. The multiple prescriptions have me feeling more human already.

Not much knitting going on in my world with this cold. Crafty Wednesday was more crewel.

I now have a tidy crewel box in my studio. The organizing is continuing. Slow and steady, I'm not over doing anything with this phase, there's still plenty of chaos in my house, don't you worry... I found Lock & Lock storage containers and have fallen in love. I am still gun-shy about flooding so I am happy to be filling these goodies up with my craft supplies. They hold a good amount, are easy to stack and see through. Moth-proof, water-proof, two biggies in our house.

Sorry about the lack of photos. I will get on it and next post will be picture-licious. Hope everyone has a great weekend!