Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sport Knitting

I think it is safe to say I was the only active knitter in the stadium. And it was full of fans. See the sea of purple and gold? There were 93,540 of them in fact. (they announce it after halftime) LSU has a huge stadium. It was fun. It also poured down rain.

While in the car on the way there I worked away on the camisole. I got about another inch finished, and am at the change needle size point. Finally something different. I goofed the lace pattern again, but I figure it will just not matter. That's what I keep telling myself anyway.

I asked Mark on the way there if he thought I could bring knitting into the stadium and he said 'not that big thing!' (great, the camisole now has the nickname that big thing...) I told him I had brought along a tiny little bag filled with preemie knitting, and best of all purple yarn, he was impressed and told me to leave the scissors but the rest should be fine.

About 5 minutes or so into the game I decided I would cast on. (I got a lot of looks) I was not entirely sure how my brother in law was going to react, and it was pretty comical. He turned to my husband and said through clinched teeth 'what. is. she. doing.' He had gotten us bazillion dollar seats in the stadium club where there is free food and cokes, you can buy alcohol, but there's more food than you could eat in a lifetime offered, 50 yard line seats out of the rain. And he had just told me how the last time he brought his daughter she sat and studied in the restaurant area the whole time- what a wasted ticket. That's why I waited 5 minutes to actually cast on. Mark told him 'oh, don't worry she doesn't have to look while she knits, she'll be watching the game.' I love my husband, just when I think he never notices anything he pulls something like that out.

I turned to my brother in law and showed him at least it was purple yarn! He laughed, all was okay.

By this time it was pouring down rain.

That's our nephew out there in the very wet band.

Can you see the rain splashing on the railing? It was so humid the yarn was sticking to the needles.

By the end of the third quarter I had finished the hat, but alas no pictures, I still have to wrap up the end of it. Tomorrow a simple preemie hat picture and pattern.

Mark insisted that I show off the socks I made him a few years ago, reserved especially for LSU games. He keeps them neatly folded up in a corner of his sock drawer. They were the third socks I ever made, and I finally got all the parts and they work.

He was telling every stranger who looked at them that I knit them. And showing them off to people who we knew. (a lot more than I would ever had guessed were there) What a cheerleader! Especially since there were some fine costumes to be seen.

Nothing like college games.

*** yes, they won