Saturday, September 22, 2007


Mark and I are heading to Baton Rouge to go see LSU play today. It means prime knitting time for me. Over an hour drive there, with game traffic. About an hour home, without. I plan on bringing my knitting with me into the stadium, I can't remember if they will actually let me though, we'll see how that works. Lord help me if I can't, I will be bored out of my skull, not a football fan at all. I'm going to meet the new love in my brother in law's life more than anything else. (I understand she's lovely, and didn't get the warmest reception from his mother...) We're also going to be in the fancy new part of the stadium, a real treat! I haven't been to a game in years, Mark loves to go. We have an all day baby-sitter for PeeWee, a huge job in itself, yikes!

I have a nifty knitting bag to keep my preemie knitting organized while on the road today.

It's one of Schrodinger's bags, from her etsy shop. I love it! It's the perfect size for travelling knitting. (Next to it is a pear I made years ago, I thought it was funny that is has got yarn labels all through out. So I didn't move it.)

Got a tomato hat done:

It's a cute one I have done a bunch of times before. My mother makes the full sized tomato hats for kids all the time, there are patterns out there, and I promise I didn't knock the pattern off, I don't have it in my stash, I just made this one up. It would be really cute in purple as an eggplant too. Or a yellow lemon. Or an orange, you get the idea.