Sunday, August 26, 2007

Third time's a charm... I hope

So twice now I have cast on for the camisole. 193 stitches. Twice I have ripped it back. It's the world's simplest lace pattern, I have no idea what I am doing wrong! I did the math, there are no pattern mistakes, no corrections, just me and my challenged brain. I should have finished it by now, but I can't even get it cast on. Oh well. Third time is sure to be the one. I am determined to get this thing done now.

Mark is still out of town working on the final bits and pieces of the flooded mess in the mountains. Sounds very close to the finish line. Which is good because our house here looks like a band of rabid monkeys moved in. Big Brother's band has a paid gig next weekend (!) and they switched a flaky band member for a more reliable one, whose parents I had never met before. Well, his poor mother had to walk through our house. Ahem, I was overly apologetic. We live in an interesting house, I will admit to a great flow and neat floor plan. Bright colors and some fab pieces of furniture (thanks mom!) one of those places people like to look around, and face it when you've never been somewhere before, you want to check it out. Unfortunately when the dining room table has a huge pile of junk on it and the family room looks like you have sextuplets with no rules, it's not a great time to bring in new people. Plus, we're the low rent house in a pretty nice neighborhood and I think people expect those kinds of houses to be slightly tidy. Pair the fact that I hate housework with the almost three year old demanding every minute of my day and you get the picture, not a clean house. I would rather play with the kids than clean up any day, but I was a tad bit embarrassed, ya know?

PeeWee is making any sort of knitting very hard. With Daddy gone she's been glued to my hip. Not that she wants my attention when I put away the needles, just when I am occupied... SO there's not much progress around here. We're just waiting for a break in the weather...