Sunday, August 12, 2007

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

Alright, my vacation was not a vacation. It was a slightly annoying trip.

We spent the first few days cleaning house. And I mean cleaning house! We washed the windows, which we can be sure had never been washed in 17 years. Gross, I know, but when siblings own a house together, lay out a wad of money to maintain it each year and get their one month alone there, they do not waste vacation time washing windows. Simply put. My brother rode up with us, and his wife stayed on a few days, so we had help, but these were 12+ hour long days scouring the house. And we have a cleaning service. Because obviously we are not the real cleaning sort.

We spent the next day pushed out of the house, but we did get to go on a garden tour of one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. A private garden of a man who has a lovely place up there. My brother's wife had bought tickets and realised the dates were wrong so she passed them on to us. I am so thankful. And the historic house tour went really well. It's a tiny town and they had over a hundred people come through!

So now we've been out of town for 4 days. So we were wiped out, and rested. We had another day to run around then Tuesday we had houseguests arrive. Except they didn't arrive until Wednesday. Big dinner, lots of cooking and people around.

Thursday my sister and her family arrived, same eating fest, visiting my parents next door, busy family day Friday with all the kids and then pack and drive 10 hours Saturday.

Today I am recovering before some high school stuff begins for Big Brother this afternoon. A meet and greet and orientation since he's going to a new school. Whew. I need a vacation.

While I was gone, my sockapalooza pal sent me the best goodies! Great socks, in Wick yarn, which is really yummy and a beautiful blue, a cute little froggy stuffed with more sock yarn and stitch markers and taffy and a great handmade card! Thanks Amy, you were a great buddy!

***Blogger is not happy with me posting any pictures, so I'll do that tomorrow. ***