Friday, February 09, 2007

Knitting in Action

Well, it's been warm the last few days, so trying to get a good "knitting in action" shot for this week was a bit challenging. It's easy to knit socks for Mark because he loves these little shorty-style socks. These are his Christmas socks in action. Yeah, he's got shorts on. It was almost 75 degrees yesterday afternoon.

The scarf I have been working on is drying right now. It's almost dry so if PeeWee gets up and gets ahold of it things will not be ruined. She was awake most of the night so if I am lucky she'll sleep in this morning. Picture of the scarf tomorrow. I like the way it turned out. The grey color is soft, with an almost blue tone. It is supposed to be cold again tomorrow so I get to wear it this weekend!

Princess Polkadot was out in full force yesterday. She wore her tiara (thanks David!) most of the morning before we got to school. She would have worn it to school but I made her leave it at home. She kept walking around saying she was pretty.

She's a character. She's been a menace lately though. Whew! She's aging me rapidly... She has decided to boycott sleep. All night long she's kicking me in the head. Put her in her bed and she yells for hours. This morning I came down to the couch at 4:30, hoping for a bit of sleep. Big Brother had to be at school early for a field trip- 6:15 early! So I got in an hour before I had to get us all up and moving. Thank goodness Mark was able to sleep in with PeeWee so I didn't have to bring her along so early.

The laundry room studio combo is coming along nicely. Mark needs to do a bit of trim work to pretty it up, install a few shelves above, below and in between the cabinets to make it complete, but I have cabinets! Yay! I hope he'll take pity on me today and go off on an adventure with PeeWee so I can get things better situated in there.

I am really excited. With the cabinets in over the washer and dryer, I have been able to unload many boxes of dishes and doo-dads. Making progress with the little things here at this house is making me feel so much better. It's been a year and a half of rebuilding post-Katrina. I am seriously sick of it. My personal deadline is the end of March to be completely settled. Wish me luck!!