Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ta Da!!

Well, PeeWee's sweater turned out adorable. She wore it yesterday but I didn't get a shot of her in it. 8 million ends to weave in, they took me over an hour. My mother said on the phone I had to be exaggerating but when she saw the top she said "it only took an hour!"

She was my original inspiration for knitting a few years ago. She used to knit all the time, and makes a sweater for the grandkids every once in a while. I wore a lot of hand me downs growing up. I think I have told the story of her knitting Argyle socks for her college boyfriend, but it's worth a repeat. It's why she always tells me socks are a waste of time. She spent countless hours knitting one Argyle sock for her boyfriend, started the second sock and got caught up in exams before the semester break and didn't have enough time to finish sock two. She wrapped it up all pretty for her boyfriend and gave it to him with the idea that she would finish the other as quickly as she could. Partway down the leg of sock two, her boyfriend's brother, who was also his roommate, broke his leg. Their mother came down to nurse him as it was a bad break and she dug through the sock drawer to find a lone sock to keep his exposed toes warm. The only lone sock in the place was the one Argyle. My mother said she literally gasped when she saw it stretched all out of shape over the cast and all. She broke up with him because she said his mother didn't know the difference between a store-bought and a hand-knit sock and there was no way that could be her mother in law! Tragic as it is, that story makes me laugh. It hurts just to imagine.

Last night I started a wrap, with stash yarn. No idea the size it will turn out to be, I am working it as I go. I simple little lace pattern which is going along at a nice pace. I started it with 402 stitches which I decreased to 202 right away. I'll keep it this width for two balls of yarn then work shoulder decreases with the third ball I have. It is light enough it should get some actual wear, too. I can't wait to go button shopping for the closure! We have a double date Monday night and I am keeping my fingers crossed I'll get it done to wear out then.

Mardi Gras around here was very busy. For the ball Saturday night I ended up finding the perfect black skirt, and wore it with the lace top from the stained skirt set that may be retired for good. I'll give the cleaners a shot at getting the stain out, but it doesn't look too hopeful.

Mardi Gras day was Tuesday, and I am glad it's over. PeeWee and I stayed home, it looked like rain but never did, then Mark took her in the afternoon to visit his parents and I busied myself trying to get the spare room in order. It finally feels together. One more room and we're all done. If someone had told me my future a few years ago I would never have believed them. Feels like we're getting to the end of the tunnel though. We've certainly waded through our share of muck though. I think we've earned ourselves some easy sailing now.

Big brother has been off from school since Friday. A nice long lazy break for him. Today is his work day though. He's organizing his room today. Tomorrow he's my helper in the garden. We need to weed and plant nasturtium seeds before it gets too late. he is such a character, he wore a basket of fruit on his head for Mardi Gras. (That's him in the first picture) He went with my brother and his cousins. He came home with the hat, but most of the fruit had come off. Surprizingly he had most of it. A good addition to PeeWee's kitchen.