Monday, February 26, 2007

Wrap it up

I would never have thunk it, but this working on one project until it is done thing really works. I have to say I have been pretty darn productive around here with my knitting. I finished the little wrap Saturday night. Finished the ends and added the bottons and button loops yesterday. It should be perfect for dinner tonight.

That's not to say I won't get an incredible urge to start 6 projects this afternoon and not finish a single one. But it's been working well for me so far. I also finished the Blue Hawaii socks. They are so comfy and soft. And crazy silly. I like them. I have enough yarn left to make PeeWee a pair, too. I may wait on those, because I have one project still on the needles needing to get wrapped up. Those giant socks for Big Brother. His darn feet keep growing though. They are 14's now. He should be about seven feet tall at this rate.

There has been massive progress on the unpacking and reorganizing. Turned out almost all the stuff piled in the back room was Big Brother's. Nice to know it wasn't all my mess. He's been sorting through it, good boy that he is. All his long Mardi Gras days landed him a cold and he slept through most of his holiday. I keep running things through the dishwasher and I am down to one container and a few random boxes. It sounds like a lot left, but I am pretty close to the end. Considering it has been almost 18 months, that's not bad! Uh, yes, I know it should never take someone that long to reorganize themselves. I guess if we count from when we moved back in in June it's not quite that bad. Especially when you consider it was August before the kitchen was wrapped up. And we just got doors in December... and cabinets in the laundryroom last month. I guess it's really not so bad that I am still unpacking! I just need to get to the end of it though.