Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!

I love my birthday. I make sure everyone knows it's my birthday. If people forget, I call them up and remind them. I like to get the word out.

It is also Groundhog Day. And I did not see my shadow, so we can expect spring. There are no groundhog's around here, so I take the responsibility for the forcast. I can't even say how many times I have been asked if I saw my shadow! Too bad no one pays for that answer.

Mark went to the coffee shop this morning and brought me a mocha and a cinnamon roll for my breakfast before he ran off to work. Today he's working for himself, he went to pick up my cabinets for my studio and the laundry room. I am very excited. I hope there is time to get them installed before the weekend is out so I can get myself a little more organized. It seems as is they might be, I hear the drill working as I type. And the hallway is filled with some things that usually sit on top of my work surface. All good signs.

I usually throw myself some sort of birthday bash, but even though this year it falls on a Friday, I just couldn't muster up the courage to do it. To be honest, the clutter bug has moved in to my house and things are a bit disorganized around here. I retrieved all my loot from my parents' house last weekend and now I am just looking at the containers with my hands on my hips, saying "huh" and ignoring it. That kind of clutter isn't what I want to share with even my closest friends. No company until those cabinets are good and installed and filled with the goodies currently in my dining room. (Damn that Katrina. It is taking me years to get myself back to normal)

I decided that I am going to indulge myself and knit up something quick and easy for my birthday. I restarted this scarf about 50 times yesterday. Seriously. I ripped it back over and over. Now I am satisfied with this zig-zag lace. I like the contrase of the bulky yarn and the holes. This yarn has been in my stash for a long time. it was one of the first yarns I ever bought. I have no ball band but I do remember it is sile, angora and wool. Soft as can be. Wish I had a ball band though.

So, for New Year's I make no resolutions. Instead, I make ready for my birthday resolutions.

First off, I am organizing myself. This might take all year. I am okay with that. organizing myself breaks down into several catagories, mainly keeping on top of the incoming mail, the laundry and my work space. The kitchen needs to be all put away, when that is done, it will fall into place. A year and a half of workers filing through the house makes it hard to stay on top of the mess. I am always moving something out of the way to get the space for what's being worked on.

Second, I am getting back to being in shape. I already started that by joining and going to the gym. It means more cooking at home, which means both eating healthier and saving a bit of money. Added bonuses! I am signed up for a six week class the gym offers for eating and health tips. That starts the end of the month.

Third, I am making more time for myself. Always at the bottom of my list, I hope to actually lose the guilt by indulging in things I want to do.

Which brings me to number four, making time to work in my studio and actually doing it. Having on hand the supplies I need for projects is tops for that. Know what that means? Buying enough yarn for a sweater... hee hee hee... needles and all that stuff too. Kind of goes back to number three doesn't it?