Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A whole bunch of nothing going on

A small amount of progress on these ugly gloves. Not even sure what'll come of the other one, but I am strangely desirous of finishing the pair. You never know, I might end up wearing them on my morning walk to the coffee shop.

It's been a crazy week around our house. Just today was spent rushing from one place to another. I had a lunch meeting, went to it and politely turned my phone to vibrate. During the presentations the phone was taking several calls from the school nurse, telling me to come get Big Brother, he was in severe pain. I got the messages when the meeting broke up, I called, said I was on the way, called for an appointment at the doctor's office, where he was double booked and they said they'd work us in. (No knitting with me either, shoot.) When I got to the school and picked up Big Brother, he was back in class and pretty much fine, a little stiffness in his back. He said it was hurting and since it is a bit of a drive I brought him home anyway. I cancelled the appointment though, because he seems just fine. I think he may have resorted to his "I don't feel well acting" for the nurse's benefit.

The school nurse hates me because Big brother was quite the actor as a younger kid and unfortunately about 3 weeks into his 5th grade year, at this school, which was a new one for him, he broke his arm. This being the third time I had received a call from a school nurse telling me he thought he broke his arm, I told her I would just get there when I got there. (And I took my sweet time, even went to the grocery to pick up a few things.) She never had met me before, and said, I don't know, it looks pretty bad. Of course, turned out it was a bad break and now she thinks I ignore cries of pain from my kids. No real way to explain that quite the opposite is true. I spend plenty of time at the doctor's office taking care of their aches and pains and general maintenance.

I got Angele Parlange's book Creole Thrift for Christmas and I have been finding a few minutes here and there to read through it the last week or so. I think she's pretty fabulous, she does the best job of using her sense of humor to reinterpret overly expensive decorating ideas. Plus the book is rich with New Orleans beauty. Always a plus for me. Looking through it is another reminder that I seriously need to get myself back in a working state of mind. Hubby Mark is supposed to get me cabinets installed in the laundry room tomorrow so I can finally clear up my working space. I am hoping for shelves too, but not holding my breath over that one. It is good to be married to a handy guy except when he's got as much to do as Mark. My list is growing daily. Poor guy.