Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Every Girl Needs Some Glitter

I had some time to kill yesterday afternoon so I wanted to go by the yarn shop around the corner to see what goodies they might have. I was looking through their DPN's and found some fun stuff. Tiny size 1's, size 10's and these... disco addi DPN's. Seriously, I have never seen anything like them. Talk about a sucker for something shiny.

Can you see the glitter in there? PeeWee loves them. Big Brother may start knitting again if I let him use them. He thinks they are pretty cool too. They make the knitting go pretty quickly, you just stare at them instead of anyting else. Slightly hypnotic. I whipped out a swatch with them in about a minute, or it seemed like a minute.

As much as I would like to finish this top, I am putting it aside for a week or so. I have to do something good with the sleeves. I tried it on and it needs sleeves. I was thinking short sleeves, but Mark says I should try to get longer sleeves, 3/4 length. Or even long sleeves, if there's enough yarn. I agree, because it fits like a sweater, not a t-shirt. And there isn't a color change halfway through like the picture shows. It's all one lot of yarn, the picture has a funny color change and it is showing the top to have a giant color change in the middle.

The scoop neck is not quite a scoop, but I am happy with the way it fits my neck. I don't like tight necks, they bug me. Any tight clothes bug me. The curled up bottom edge also lays flat when it is on. And the style, although it looks boxy, really does skim my body. I am going to go ahead and use the same pattern for the new sweater I am planning now.

I hate to sew by hand, I always have. I have had sewing projects languish for years because there was a step that had to be done by hand and I was never in the mood. So when I got the zipper for the hoodie pinned in place I was feeling good. Mark took PeeWee to go see his parents and I figured it couldn't sit around this house for long still pinned together, so I took the plunge and put the zipper in. Finished. Very pleased with myself on that one, especially since I had to stop half way through, only one side sewn. It took a major plunge to pick up the needle and thread and do the second half.

New project for ME! This is clearly the year for selfish knitting. And I am liking it. I have never made things for myself other than socks. Or never FINISHED things for myself except socks. And I usually finish socks just so I can get the needles to start another pair of socks. But a hoodie and the body of a sweater? Kind of fun to finish things just for me.