Sunday, January 07, 2007

click, click, click

Working away on my hoodie today, but I have to stop for now until I get to the yarn store. Stupid me, I lost the DPN's I need for the sleeve! Argh. Oh well, Big Brother's friend said I was going to end up with carpal tunnel anyway. Probably time for a little break. But where on Earth are the DPN's? Darnit I have one of the set of five. I really don't like when I can't find tools. I can't even blame it on anyone else. Too bad. I really hope the little shop around the corner has the right sized DPN's. It's the only yarn shop open before Wednesday. What's up with that? It has been raining off and on all day, perfect knitting weather. Not cold though, what is up with the crazy weather here? It's warm again, I turned on the A/C this morning. And with the rain the temperature is dropping a little bit, I think it's going to be cold again tomorrow. Almost 80 this morning and it'll be in the 40's tomorrow.

Here's the jacket I made the other day for PeeWee. She's napping and won't stand still long enough for a shot of her wearing it anyway, so... no model today. It looks better on her though. And it's super soft. Light and fluffy enough that she doesn't mind wearing it.

My Rowan Exchange buddy, Kathleen, sent me this great scarf. It's hard to see but it swirls around and around. It is snuggly soft, and the prettiest blues. I decided to model it with a finished project of mine, the hat with the great zigzag pooling of color. I dig this hat, it is silly but not rediculous (I hope, don't crush me by saying it is) There are little twirlies (technical term, huh?) on the top that just make it for me. I like things that spin around, things you can play with.

Mardi Gras has begun. Last night was Twelth Night and we took the kids to a parade. Big Brother ran off with his friend the minute we got there and somehow managed to miss the parade- one long goofy teenage boy story. It was a short one. PeeWee got to watch it and I think she had fun. During the parade, she just sort of stared at everything, a bit dumbfounded and overwhelmed. On the way home, she said over and over that she had fun. And she fell asleep as soon as we walked in the door, she was exhausted.