Friday, January 19, 2007

What's in the bag?

I did not knit yesterday.

I had too many real life daily things to deal with. Big Brother was sick so he stayed home from school, napping on the couch all day because the plumber finally came to finish up fixing the leak. I think I called a month ago. He came the day before and showed me the completely funky way the drain was stopped up when this house was raised in 1957 and what was once the kitchen became a bedroom. A hole was still there where the drain pipe tapped into the wall. They put a piece of wood in there. Something stopped up the drain down the line and the resulting pressure in the drain pipes blew out the little circle of wood. What do you say to that? Seriously, therre's nothing you can do except just look at the open drain hole coming out of the wall and say "huh". You can't even wonder what they were thinking. All you do is say, "well, I guess this is where the kitchen sink was" and let the plumber repair it the right way. Turned out there was a secondary leak and he fixed that as well. Glad he finally made it here. Plumbers in this town are worth their weight in gold.

PeeWee decided she really likes my new bag. It was a gift from my parents and it is perfect. It has a ton of space but isn't bulky at all. It also has nice little pockets inside for all my goodies, knitting and otherwise. It's full of my new project, all the balls of yarn, needles, and the pattern. She keeps slinging it over her shoulder and walking around the house with it.

And yes, she chose that fine outfit herself. Gotta love a two year old's sense of style.