Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sweater weather

Yesterday it was both very cold and very damp. Normally I wouldn't venture out too far on days with nasty miserable weather but I promised a friend of almost 20 years a birthday lunch so I piled on the layers and went out into the world. The steady drizzle inspired me to wear the finished hoodie, even though it really isn't finished. It needs a zipper, but it worked just great under the raincoat and on top of the other two layers I had on. I had on three handknit pieces yesterday. Normally I probably wouldn't wear so many at once, but I wanted to be warm.

The bonus is I may have talked my friend into learning to knit. He kept saying how cool it was I could knit a hoodie and wear it. He had on some fingerless gloves made for him with little mini-cables. They are pretty cool. He got a hat with "hair" on it for his birthday from yet another friend. He was telling me how if he knit he would make silly and rediculous things and I told him he must learn. My nephew wants to learn and Big Brother can do it but needs a refresher course. I am thinking we may have a man-can-knit day around here.

Since I finished a bunch of swatches, I was ready for my next project. (Thinking ahead pays off- yes!) I started working with some of my bargain yarn I snatched up the other day. I am going to make a top out of it. I did a few rows of 2x2 ribbing and started working in the round. I figured it took a ball to go up 2 1/2 inches so I am not sure what kind of top this is going to turn out to actually be. I need to do a little figuring. I hope I have enough for short-sleeves, but I'll make myself a vest like tank-top if that's what I have enough for. Another reason to keep going to the gym.