Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hey, there's a floor under there!

I spent a little time this morning cleaning out my studio space. It had gotten particularly bad. Over run with debris piles, photos in containers waiting to be put in books, yarn all over the floor, the tables, up on the shelves, spillling out all over the room. Generally messy, and not at all a good work space.

I got a lot of it organized and contained, resorted. A big bag of yarn to send off to a friend who's daughter is a knitter. Some other odds and ends to donate to the school near us. Stuff that's been in the way for entirely too long. I have been much more precise in my yarn purchases in the last few months. I am trying to rid my space of anything that's not destined for a specific project. Sounds brutal, but I need both the clean space and the clean mind. No more guilt about having yarn around that I have no reason to keep. It feels like a huge space now. And if we get another rain where water seeps in the laundryroom, I'll be covered. Things will be up off the floor and it'll be easier to dry things out. Last time, I panicked and the whole room was dragged out into the hallway. Part of the huge mess was dragging it all back in there for Christmas, completely with no order.

All the other studio stuff is pretty much disorganized too. I'm working on it, I need to have a space to work in the next few weeks. I have committed to a piece to donate to an auction, and that's coming up in about 10 weeks. I have it in my head though so that's a start. It's a New Orleans themed thing and I am planning on collageing (is that a word? looks wrong...) a New Orleans shot-gun house. Hope it turns out worth while! (meaning someone actually bids on it)

I went to the doctor today for a checkup, figuring I would have a long wait, and possibly a few other tests. I packed up my new bag with a couple balls of yarn, my needles, the pattern, and scissors, everything I needed for the long haul. I waited just 15 minutes to get in! That is definitely a first for a doctor's appointment, and wouldn't you know that was the time I set aside to work on the sleeves for the hoodie? Well, I didn't get but a few rows done. But they are going as quickly as the rest of it. Bulky yarn is good for quick.