Sunday, January 14, 2007

Take two

So, I am now making actual progress on the hoodie. A few hiccups along the way. Definitely learned a lesson or two. This pattern is kind of neat. You knit the body, either in the round or back and forth as a cardigan (my choice). Then you knit the sleeves in the round. You cast off a few stitches for the underarm on all the pieces, line it all up and knit across. You create the raglan sleeves by decreasing in four places around the sweater. No seams except a few stitches under the arm. I have never been a great raglan aweater fan, but this knits up so quickly, the front and back at the same time, sleeves before you have to finish the front and back, and then fun decreases just when you are getting bored. Perfect for me.

For some reason this picture makes this sweater look really small. It's not. It's my sized. You can see the sleeves are actually attached here, in the other picture ou can see it is the first row after connecting the whole thing. The sleeves are hanging on there. This pattern is taken from Anne Budd's sweater book. It is a great reference for me. You have to do a little math, because with the 8 jillion different combinations, there were a few sizes not knitted. I had sleeves for the koolaid sweater with big problems. This gauge sweater isn't in the book, so I had to figure the number of stitches and use that pattern. So far it's working just right, with a minor sleeve change. The yoke will have a few adjustments, mainly when to start the neckline. And the hood for the hoodie? I guess I am going to have to wing it. I will measure one in my closet and just figure out the math as I go.

Speaking of my sized, I joined the gym and have been going as I planned! That's a huge thing for me, I have never been much of a working out kind of girl. I have joined many a gym and not even gone back even after hiring a trainer (way too much wasted money on gyms, kind of embarrassing) but for some reason I want to go, so I am. And I never make resolutions until my birthday, so this is just something I started. So, hopefully my sized will be a little toner as the year goes on. Or at the very least I will be healthier for the effort. I'll let you know. The gym takes measurements and weight the same day each month so it'll be interesting to see what happens.