Saturday, January 20, 2007

feeling my age

Last night PeeWee decided to stay up all night. No fussing, no whining, just decided to stay up all night. At 3:20 I told Mark I couldn't take the singing and the wiggling and moving around she was doing in our bed (long story, she's in there until we patch up the giant hole from the plumber) He brought her downstairs and he fell asleep on the couch until I came down at 7am, woken by her dropping her big tub of blocks on the stone floor. It was a big loud crash, and I, unfortunately, once woken have a very hard time falling back asleep. She has been incredibly pleasant for being up the entire night. More pleasant than I would be. She took a quick nap this afternoon. I threw her in the car after she flat out refused to even pretend to sleep earlier. Of course, I am feeling it now that I've been up for this long with this little sleep.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, I can talk about my knitting.

I have been told that if you just work on one project, you actually finish it. I am hoping to stick to that concept this year. It worked with the hoodie. And it seems to be working so far with the t-shirt. Yes, it seems I have enough yarn to make a t-shirt, not a vest. That means I will get more wear out of it I think. Of course, when I get to the point of deciding about sleeves or not, I'll see how I like the way it is turning out. I need to see how the sleeves look when I start them. Then I will decide if it will have them or not.

Whoa! I think my lack of sleep is showing, I am rambling on here...

Anyway, my point was that I have made much more progress then I would have thought so far by just sticking to the one project. I like it. I am about 11 1/2 inches up the body at this point. When I get to 15 1/2, I'll divide for the sleeves (or vest). Normally by now with a project I would be bored, starting a new swatch, buying more yarn, any number of things to distract myself from the plain old stockinette tube I am knitting. Knowing it's all going to be done within the week is helping me just forge ahead. Old dogs CAN be taught new tricks!

I have also been quite good at sticking to my scheduled exercise. It goes by quickly and I enjoy it. There are a good group of women there when I go. Plus, I got all my lab work back from my physical and everything looks good. I will be the picture of health when these extra pounds drop off! So far I have lost 3 1/2. Just a tiny dent in my overall goal, but at least it's a start.