Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Well, they did ask...

When I was working with the kitchen designer and then the man who came to measure for our counter tops, we got into little details you might not normally get into. Like the overlap of the lip of the counter. In other words how far the counter sticks out from the cabinets. The kitchen designer said one distance, the man who measures said another distance and I said yet another. Of course I won out and got the extra quarter of an inch and this is why:

The swift fits so nicely on the edge of the counter. Not exactly what I had in mind when I got so picky, but it works.

The ball winder does fit onto the edge of the kitchen table, but it shot off at one point and I had to do some quick moving to catch it and stop the swift from spinning all at the same time. Our kitchen table came from my mother's shop, and it's got some age on it. It's an English pub table from the late 1780's or 1790's. The grooves are pretty worn and the edges are pretty uneven. It's got a pegleg, which is why it never really sold. Of course that was the instant appeal when I went looking for things to replace the junk thrown into the pile on the curb.

No knitting pictures today. No knitting. I wound up some balls of sock yarn to have a portable project. We're bringing PeeWee in for some tests today. I think I am going to bring along the gorgeous blue/green yarn. Socks again. Plain old socks this time. A 2x2 rib leg, I think. Simple. The yarn is so luscious it can just speak for itself. Or maybe Big Brother's giant socks. Great big giant socks I keep sticking farther into the back of the bin I keep the needles and tools in. Ugh, I really don't want to work on them but I SO want to get them finished.

I have a playdate at the yarn store Friday. I can't wait. I need a good summer project to start. I am deciding between a skirt or a shell. I guess the yarn will speak to me. And I completely cleared out my stash, sending off all the half balls and things which have sat for entirely too long to Warm Woolies. Of course, as soon as I did that, I had so much fun making PeeWee's top I immediately wanted to make myself a similar sweater. Well, not happening, there's no yarn. It all went off to a better cause.

I'm not saying I have no stash left! There's plenty there. I just want something bought for a specific project, just for me. Something new to play with. Maybe a cotton or cotton blend. So I made a playdate at the yarn shop with a friend I haven't seen in some time. Should be fun, I haven't been to the yarn shop in quite a while, either.