Saturday, March 03, 2007

I am an Aquarius...

I had my yarn shop play-date yesterday. I did some great big damage. Lots of goodies. The owners of the yarn shop are really fun ladies, they are chatty and helpful and I enjoy their company. They know PeeWee's whole up and down story, early start and rough beginning. I get my cotton yarn for the hats I bring in to the NICU from them and they always ask if that's what the bright cheery yarns are for. Yep. I got a ball of bright varigated yarn for them yesterday.

Our knitting guild is looking for a charity project and they have decided they are going to make preemie hats. I am excited about it and they asked me to write up a few patterns and give them the yarn guidelines- cotton or acrylic, soft, washable, all that. They also asked me if I would be the 'wash them and drop them off' liason. Coincidentally my schedule rearranged itself so I can now make the meetings. I have never been able to go before! I've been talking about going for 18 months now.

The yarn shop is starting a Knit at Night. Looking forward to that one too. I hope I can do all these things this month though. We got a call from our realtor in North Carolina with disturbing news. My brother in law misunderstood Mark's instructions and did not shut the water off at the main back in November. The house is fairly well insulated but with weather in the teens for several days in a row and a power outage... well... bad combination. We had a burst pipe and since the water was left on, we had four feet of it in the basement. It had been running over a week. There was an inch all over the house, the floorboards buckled up and finally allowed the water to drain out into the basement. Why did it have to be water!!!! What IS it with me and all this water? Anyway, the realtor arranged for someone to come wet-vac it all up and put an industrial dehumidifier in the house. So, Mark's going to go up there in the next few days to deal with it. And I got all excited when I saw it was the realtor calling. I thought we finally had an offer. Boy was I wrong.

Since it is all 600 miles away, I am living in denial. I can just ignore it since the water is now off and the house has been somewhat taken care of, at least as much as we can do until it's dried out and we can really see the extent of the damage. Like I said, Mark is dealing with this one, not me, so I am ignoring it. Now that I have new yarn I started a summer shell out of Rowan all seasons cotton. I chose a pattern this time too! I'm being so practical. Of course I had a tough time getting gauge since I was using a different yarn than the Berroco pattern Marijke calls for... only small adjustments had to be made. I am knitting it in XS to have it turn out my sized.

The yarn shop has a little room off to the side where they have their sale stuff. It is usually a few random things, some discontinued goodies and a lot of fluffy novelty yarns. Well, they just went to market so all the yarns that have been discontinued by the manufacturers are now in there, 50% off. Dangerous stuff.

Oh and just for Rhonda ... here's the stove and fridge .