Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Oh Good Gracious!

I am boring. I do apologize for that.

I am working on my skirt and I must say right now it's going to be a while before it's finished. So I will try to avoid pictures of an inch of progress here and there. Not much knitting time either- all my free time is so limited right now. And I am dying of exhaustion. PeeWee has taken over my bed and it's baaad. She has the wonderful habit of tucking her feet in under you. Her favorite spot is to slip them in the back of your PJs and if you even think of moving them brace yourself for a bit of a breakdown. We've had two nights of 1-4am fits. Hopefully with Mark back it'll be a smoother ride tonight. Or at least she'll be digging her feet into his back instead of mine.

Mark's been out of town dealing with the other flooded house. He brings back reports of not too bad damage. I haven't seen the camera yet, but tomorow morning I will upload them and see what we're dealing with. I just can't believe I have to deal with another flood. It's just unreal.

I missed both the knitting guild meeting and the knit at night at the yarn shop. Kind of disappointed. I am going to stop by there and drop off my NICU guidelines, which I DID get written out. Hard to believe, but they are sitting on the counter, waiting. I was headed out the door Monday night and as I was gathering myself together PeeWee decided that an entire container of sliced mango was just too much for her simple belly. So, cleaning the rug and the blanket and PeeWee became a bit more important than dragging her out into the night to drop off sheets of paper. Oh well. I am getting used to this mothering thing. It has been 13 years. For some reason I keep thinking I'll be able to do what I want. Hahahahaha. Yes, I hear you laughing.