Sunday, March 11, 2007

One More for the List

I said this shell was a quick knit!

I think it is a great beginner's project. I may introduce my new knitting friends to it. Well, the female ones, that is. It's comfy and flattering and I just love Rowan All Seasons Cotton. It's pretty much perfect for New Orleans knitting.

I like the way this neckline works for me. I will definately refer to it down the line with other projects. Regular crew necks don't do much for my body and I am bored with the regular old V-necks I usually crank out. A wide neck is a nice change.

I am going through my stitch library for a fun stitch for a skirt. Since I would have to wear a slip under a cottton knitted skirt anyway to keep it from sticking to my rear end in the ultra humid days coming soon, I decided I may as well do something fun that will keep my interest for the bottom half of the skirt. Being girly girl these days with my clothing choices I picked up a bunch of Patons Grace cotton yarn in shades of pink. I am actually looking forward to a project that will most likely take a bit of time to complete.

Once I finish my painting for the museum (or completely back out of this crazy thing) I will be busy writing up some patterns and guidelines for knitting preemie hats for the NICU. I have a whole bunch of random acrylic and cotton yarns for the hats and I think I may figure out how much I use then ball it into little kits for the knitting guild. In all my free time. The meeting is tomorrow night. And I will have PeeWee with me. I am not exactly holding myself to this one- it may be just a dream to get anything together other than some of PeeWee's old hats and her my-sized doll. But a girl can dream.