Monday, March 05, 2007

Fraternal twins

Okay- it was pointed out to me that I am bad about following up an earlier thought. Not a big surprize to me. Here are my socks I finished last week in action. I love them.

For those of you wondered (out loud even), PeeWee's VQ scan went well. We are not on any calendar for surgery any time soon. We go back to the cardiologist in June, do another total work-up, including a cardiac catheter, and go from there. Sorry I was so slow updating the good news when we heard it. Seems she's plowing ahead on her own schedule with this one. I don't think there is very much information available about the length of time between repeat surgeries with truncus arteriosus. The type of repair she had has only been happening a relatively short time frame, and not too many of the repairs have been on such tiny hearts as hers. We're in uncharted waters with this one. It looks like if things progress like they have been and she keeps doing as well as she is we're in the clear until at least this summer.

I made some progress on the shell I started Friday. It's going along nicely so far. I love the periwinkle blue color. It's very summery to me. I have white yarn for finishing the neck and arm holes to give it a little something sassy. We got another blast of cold air this morning so it feels like I may never get to wear it. Remind me of that when it's August and I sweat just thinking about going out into the un-air-conditioned 15 feet between my front door and my air-conditioned car.

I have no idea how much knitting time I will have this week. Mark's going off to deal with the house and I have to finish a piece for the New Orleans Museum of Art. More precisely I have to start the piece, which isn't really even an idea in my head yet. A few vague thoughts but nothing set in stone. I double checked the requirements of the show and it's supposed to be preferably either a painting or metal or clay. The one thing I know is it'll be a collage. I hope that somehow falls into the painted catagory. I got the shadow box to put it in to finish it and that's as far as I have gotten. Nothing like the last minute!

In case you just want something luscious to check out here is some yarn I am going to make myself some yummy thick house socks out of. It was part of my giant splurge on Friday. Imagine if I had gotten the flooded house news while still in the yarn shop! I may have broken the bank comforting myself. As it is, I did massive damage- but all luxurious goodies that are in line to become well worn knitting. In keeping with my resolutions to plan things better, I bought things with a project in mind. In fact, projects that can actually be completed so I can then return to replenish the stash.