Saturday, March 17, 2007

A Day Outside

March in New Orleans is truly one of the prettiest places to be. The weather is dry and 60's to 70's, sunny and breezy and just stunning. I spent the day outside working on the garden a bit, since I have the Garden Club coming in two weeks. I figured it would probably be worth my while to at the very least have the junk thrown out. I went to the garden center, a place kind of out of the way, next to some railroad tracks down a dirt road, right smack in the middle of the city. It was a great new find (thanks Mom!) and I came home with some treasures i hope to keep alive- at least for the next two weeks!

I cleaned out a bunch of plants I am not too crazy about having right outside my kitchen window and replaced them with some things I hope will be better at making me happy. Dont worry- the plants were all either moved or potted up for another yard. Whoa- just ignore the garbage bags- I didn't realize how lovely they look!!

Instead of some type of bedding plant I decided our bed should be filled with peppermint, alowed to just grow and spread itself out in the bed. If you have any experience with the stuff, it's pretty hard to kill- all it really needs is regualr water, and it'll spread out and thrive by early summer. We'll have peppermint for years if we do it right.

Like I said, I took out some things I really didn't want to look at all day long. Here's the artesia (sp?) I potted up. The berries ARE pretty spectacular, but the plants are long and leggy and otherwise unimoressive to me. At least close up- I like them en masse at the back of a property.

And knitting... I couldn't resist taking the skirt out into the sun and letting it lie in the grass for a few minutes. I think it likes the sun!

And I like the way the edge came out. Kind of sassy and silly and entirely too young for someone my age. Now just 27 inches of stockinette! Remind me I said I wanted a project that would take more than a week to work on in about 8 months when all I see is pale pink and I still have 26 inches left to go...