Saturday, March 10, 2007

Organizing Myself

The last few days have been fairly slow around here. All sorts of daily life has gotten in the way of much creativity. In organizing my photos on the computer, readying them for a big back up on the external hard-drive, I realized I rarely take pictures of things I have finished knitting. So that's this week's project.

I am almost finished the shell I started the other day. I was surprized at how much knitting time I was able to find. This week I spent a lot of time waiting in the car for Big Brother. It is a quick knit, too, and that helps a lot! The neckline is fabulous.

I am seriously procrastinating on the project for the Museum show. Oh yeah, am I procrastinating. I have a painting sketched out but have been avoiding the whole actual painting part. Brain block. I WILL finish it. Just need to sneak the time out of my day somehow. Actually I just need to start the darn thing!

It's been just PeeWee and me this weekend. Big Brother went to his grandparents' house for the weekend. Mark left Friday morning to head up and deal with the house. (He got a call from the handyman up there who told him to wait a few more days to let things dry out a bit more.) He said the damage is much less than we had anticipated. That this happened while the house is on the market is really rotten. We're not sure how much repair work to actually do since whoever purchses the place is likely to do some fancying up around the place. There's nothing really wrong with it, it just needs some updating and a little polish. I hope the realtor gives Mark some direction with this one so we don't over fix the place.