Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Check one off the list

No, not the skirt, although it's coming along nicely. I decided not to start socks, or rather work on socks, because all I could think with each stitch was I could be getting closer to finished with the skirt and put them down. I am at that point where you want to be finished, but every time you measure it somehow comes up the same. Or worse, smaller. But, I am more than halfway there and very pleased with it. The miles of stockinette are so mindless I am enjoying just cruising along. I can pick it up and do a few stitches or a few rounds depending on the time on hand.

Lately not much free time, fun time or knitting time. I have around 50 ladies coming by for a lunch meeting next week and quite a list to finish by then. Like maybe I ought to find the forks.

Yesterday and today, de-cluttering everything. I am a paper magnet. The mail comes and goes to the table where it sits until I sort it, then someone's coming over and I pile it up again to move it out of the way. Then I re-sort it and it sits there for entirely too long. Yesterday I went through it all, made a box for filing, threw out a bunch of junk, paid all the bills and found both a diningroom table and sideboard. Imagine that! Today I hope to find the kitchen counters- oooo!

Tomorrow is painting day. I have a few people coming by to help. Mark will drop PeeWee off for me and we'll get cracking. Almost every room in this house has touchup. Almost none of the baseboards are painted. They are all primed and some are finished, but when you're married to a handyman, you really can't hire it out so you have to wait. And wait. And the week before a huge thing you rush and get it all done yourself.

There are handy household things he does for me though, so I really can't complain too much. I ordered doors last week (that's right, last week, can you say procrastinate?) They were delivered yesterday morning and Mark had the old ones out and the new ones in before lunch. He started demo about 10:00, the doors came about 10:30, and we ate an early lunch about 11:30. Not bad for free labor!

You all know how much I love before and after shots so here they are! (Never mind the clouded up side windows, those haven't even been ordered yet. I have no idea who to order from so I am just ignoring the fogged up look.)