Sunday, April 01, 2007

Busy busy bee!

The skirt is finished and I am very happy with it. I am phtotographing an outdoor wedding in June and it's going to be hotter than you-know-what and I am hoping I am not going to be a bucket of sweat and the skirt may be perfect for staying cool. It's cool and breezy and not clingy at all, just the way I like it.

Want to knit it yourself? Here's the the pattern!

When I put away the skirt I felt the need to start something new right away! It's been about 2 weeks of tiny needles and cotton so I decided some house socks are the ticket. Nice cozy bulky socks in fact. I have almost finished the first one. Started in the afternoon and talked to the painter (yes, I gave up getting it done myself and called in help) for a bit before I realized I was done with the cuff already! What a difference just a few stitches and larger needles makes! Even though these are bulky socks the color shouts spring! Not that I wear socks much between now and November though...