Sunday, April 15, 2007

Can you say yarn?

I started the day off with PeeWee, dying some yarn with Kool-Aid. I told her it was magic yarn and she got so excited! It was pretty cute to see her face when the yarn came out of the microwave no longer white.

Since Mark is going off to deal with the other flooded house tomorrow he spent the day with PeeWee. So, I snuck off to the yarn shop, knowing they were having a good sale. I just had no idea HOW good. I guess when you get to the yarn shop and they give you a paper bag, tell you the first room is 50% off, the second 75% off, you do what's expected and fill those bags! That I did. Then I went to look through the non sale items. I was kind of hyped up from the sale stuff, but didn't do more than some sock yarn I have been looking for. And a book, Victorian Lace Today. It is SO beautiful! The photography is enough to make you want to leave it on the coffee table. Even Big Brother was looking through and ooo-ing and ah-ing.

Since I had actually gone to the yarn shop looking for the right sock yarn for the Hurricane Socks I am knitting and sending along, when I came home without it, I decided to go to the other yarn shop, the one right near my house and look. Well. April is THE month to shop for yarn around here. Another 75% off sale. Seriously! You know you did good when the receipt says over $200 off! She double checked- my total was $67, and no one thought that could be right. (the other shop was a mix, but let's say I saved serious money there, too) I came away with some lovelies, too. And on the way out, something very neat caught my eye. Ceramic yarn. It's cool to the touch- really! I may go back and get some. The colors were stunning. I can't remember who makes it-oops, I'll find that out. I've been thinking of it since I left the shop. And you know that means it's siren call will drag me back there to pick some up...

I started another pair of socks while waiting to see if I can hit another shop today when we go to the French Quarter Festival to keep on my search for what I have pictured for those Hurricane Socks. (yes, I understand this is an excuse for getting my yarn shop "fix")

These lime green beauties are for my friend Michelle, who's allergic to wool. (they are greener than they show on my monitor here- a cleaner lime color in real life) I've never made cotton socks for anyone other than PeeWee, so I had never really paid attention to the yarn, I just remembered they had a stretchy cotton. It's Cascade Fixation and I really like it. Of course, they will have to be set aside when I find the perfect yarn so I can be sure to not jinx meeting my deadline for the other socks. These are toe-up socks because I have NO idea how this yarn will knit up. I've never been a fan of toe-ups because I found the heel awkward, but I am going to try Widdershins. It uses Judy's magic cast on, which was so easy (and not at all like a short row tow) that I will definitely be using this pattern again. I saw what I think is a mistake in Widdershins, but I think I know what to do to fix it- hopefully, we'll see. I like the way the heel is constructed. So, be patient Michelle, they may be a while coming, but they are on the needles, and that's a start! Can you believe I found lime green cotton sock yarn? These were meant to be...