Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Only a mother...

At about 6:30 this morning Big Brother, at the perfect age of 13, which should explain a lot, announced he needed an Elizabethan costume for tomorrow's Elizabethan feast at school. And it's being graded. Well.

I had to get on the internet and google Elizabethan clothing. (Should I admit that? And, what did we do before the internet?) I realized nothing in this house, which is very full of costumes was going to even begin to cut it. He wanted blue pants rolled to his knees and tights because all his friends are wearing that, but it seemed too Colonial to me, so I thought I would stop by the fabric store and at the least check the costume patterns. I was thinking a tunic would be fairly simple to crank out, but was hoping for a pattern for those poofy shorts they wore with tights. I grabbed a pattern on sale for one whole dollar and ran out the door to an appointment. As soon as I got a chance I ran to another fabric store (this kid is lucky I know how to sew) and grabbed what I needed and raced home for a two hour sewing marathon.

And the results?

Not bad for someone with just the vest pattern and thankfully some knowledge of how pants are made. I actually had bought a diffferent material but when digging out the sewing machine the striped fabric was right there on the top of the machine. Just waiting to be Elizabethan poof pants. I mean really- what else was I planning on using that wide striped shiny green and blue fabric for? I guess I could have made the legs a little tighter, they are too loose to stay up on Big Brother's skinny legs, but all in all I am happy with the whole ensemble. And man oh man is he a good sport. We like dressing up in this house. (He better get an A.)

Can you see the inverted pleats taking advantage of those fabulous stripes?

All this AND knitting? Why yes, I am Supermom today. I made a preemie hat last night and part of one today. I am writing the patterns out as I go since I just make them up. I am still trying to get it all down for the knitting guild. I do aspire to greatness (or foolishness, or way-too-much-to-do-ness, or serious delusions)

And here are the socks I made the other day. Man are they comfy.