Thursday, April 26, 2007

Happy Blogiversary to Me!

Well, it has been a year.

Hard to believe! So happy anniversary to me. It's funny about blogs, a lot of times you have no idea if you're even being read, but if you slip off the radar for a while, people start to worry about you, people you have never even met! I think that's a great thing about the internet, blogs, and knitters in general. So thanks to all of you who have read the blog, posted comments, emailed me about posts and generally been supportive of this adventure.

So, what's in the bag?

Well, I went back to the yarn shop during their big sale and bought up ALL the Classic Elite Two.Two yarn they had left. Mark asked me for a blanket. So I decided to indulge him. He was saying how they always had knitted blankets around when he was growing up and wanted one now. A few years ago I crocheted a giant full-sized blanket that Big Brother has adopted as his own. Mark's grandmother was a prolific knitter, quilter and crocheter. Unfortunately only one or two of her things survived. That I do not understand, except my father in law is just not attached to anything, and I think when his mother passed away, he was more than happy to give away the things she made that meant something to people who asked for them. So they were spread thin. The last of her quilts he still had was eaten by Katrina funk flood waters.

The thought of knitting a massive blanket like that had me hesitant, but I figured out that if I knit a bunch of squares then sew them together, I can work on it on the go. So, he's getting his big blanket. I am knitting six and a half inch squares, each skein of the yarn makes two, in a sampler style. Lots of different patterns, some of my favorites, lots of different colors. It'll probably be on the silly side, but that never deterred me.

My Hurricane Party socks are coming along nicely. I accidentally altered the pattern and had to write out exactly what I managed to change so it will not be a problem down the line when they are shipped off. It was a very simple mistake and the pattern was written to confuse, I think. At least it confused me. This has become a fun little project, because I am knitting something I most likely would not have ever thought about. A good lesson in exposing myself to something new.

I am also part of the 1000 people signed up for Sockapalooza 4! I haven't gotten my exchange info yet, that is sure to be on the way soon. Amazing that 1000 people signed up for it, isn't it? Allison did an amazing job organizing this one.