Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Spring Cleaning

Well, I think I am at such a knitting block because I need to organize myself. I have a whole bunch of beautiful new yarn but I have it all stuffed in grocery bags- the way I brought it home. I want to take tomorrow to do some tidying up and pick out some patterns and pair them up with some of these new yarns. Start project planning.

I finished Michelle's cotton socks! I like the way they turned out. I hope they are going to work! I am happy with the Widdershins pattern. I thought I read an error but it was my imagination, they worked out very well. There was nothing I found awkward about either the casting on or the heel. I'll knit this pattern again. And I am happy with the Cascade Fixation. I am keeping it in mind for future preemie hats. And probably a few pairs of summer socks. I used not quite two balls, knit with size 6 needles, in a knit 6, purl 1, knit 1, purl 1 pattern which was fun and quick and didn't require too much thought. I stopped them maybe shorter than I normally would have knit top down socks for fear of the tightness sometimes found with casting off, but am happy with the height.

So, now I am down to the HSP socks. (remember I don't count Big Brother's ginormous socks, they are the black hole of knitting) I like knitting them. I set them aside for a few days, but am ready to finish them up now. I scored the magazine the pattern came from for my swap recipient. It was total chance, I was going to send along my magazine, but it's a little worn and I happened upon the copy in a back copy stash sale and snatched it up! I am so happy for that little bit of luck, there are a few other patterns in there I think she may like to knit. I also have started to snatch up little things for my package. I love doing these exchanges. I really have fun searching for just the right little something extra I think my recipient will be happy to open her box and find.