Monday, April 23, 2007

Field Trip!

I took PeeWee on a field trip yesterday to Houmas House, a very beautiful plantation home about an hour away. It was a lovely day. We went with friends getting married there in June for the food choosing. (If that's even a word.) Everything was delicious, there was a nice breeze all day, PeeWee had a blast and I got to sit in the passenger seat and knit! I figured my friend could do the driving since he knew just how to get there. How convenient I had my bag of knitting in the car!

Here are a few pictures to make you happy, since I have no pictures of knitting. I have been knitting, just not documenting it. Since it's all gift knitting, I'm waiting until I have things in the mail before exposing the goods.

Lovely sculptures all around the property hidden in little nooks and crannies.

PeeWee appreciating a lizard sunning on a marble tub. Wouldn't a marble tub like that be luscious? I want one to USE, not have in the garden...

Look at that, there's a lizard in the mouth of that heron sculpture!

Want to see the images bigger? Give them a click and they ought to enlarge.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!