Friday, April 20, 2007


The yarn PeeWee and I dyed turned out great. I left a gap of white between the colors, hoping for a good pooling effect. I hope when it knits up we have great big swirls. I think I may make hats out of this. It's Cascade 220 superwash. I just unwound it on the swift and we went to town. There's a bit of variegation in the colors, too, so it should have a lot of interest. Lately I have been into long color changes.

I am going to wait to start it because right now I have 3 pair of socks on needles. Oh my. Well, one pair does not count, it's those socks for Big Brother, who's now in a 14 shoe. So the giant socks have to keep growing. I am really sick of the yarn, too. It's muted greens, and very pretty but man oh man, 800 miles of stockinette is taking forever with these babies.

The other pair is Michelle's green socks. They are coming along nicely. The Cascade Fixation yarn is so comfortable feeling. It has a lot of stretch and squish. It's nice to touch. I hope I have planned the size correctly, it's hard to say with the stretch- I don't want them to have to stretch too much but I don't want them baggy either.

Sock 3 is for the HSP sock. This has been fun so far. And I am taking my sweet time working on it as well, kind of enjoying the yarn and stitching. Since I have only one to knit I am taking my sweet time. A change from my usual speed knitting. It's my relax knitting. I have been eyeing some goodies for my pal, too...