Thursday, February 08, 2007


I went to a flower arranging class Tuesday and came home with these. I did the wrong thing and just plopped them into a vase instead of arranging them, adding other plant material and all that good stuff, but they are pretty and they make me happy, so I am good with them. Tulips are one of my favorites flowers. They change almost hourly as they open. The colors in these are just unusual enough to keep me looking. Sitting in the window, they are bringing in a bit of spring.

The weather here has been crazy, cold one day, warm one day, lots of dreary rainy days. Typical January in New Orleans. I can't wait until march, when we have the most beautiful weather around. Until then, I'll snuggle up with my almost finished scarf.

Very happy with the way it's turning out. I have another ball of this yarn left which will make it the perfect length. I have a feeling this one will get lots of out and about time. I thought it would be finished by now. Life got in the way.

This week has been booked and over booked, with appointments being rescheduled because they were booked on top of each other. Back to back rushing from one place to another. And I have been the one in the driver's seat so there hasn't been a lot of knitting in the car time either. This afternoon Big Brother has a bass lesson and I plan on bringing my knitting and sitting in the car the whole time he learns to play. He's doing really well with it so far. I am happy with that. He's got a band getting together. I wish he'd get back to the trumpet, but hey! anything musical makes me happy. PeeWee claps when he plays. It's a pretty cute thing to watch. Last night while he was practicing, she went and got a drum to play along with him.

Remember these? From last year? I should be embarrassed to bring them out into the open and fess up to them still not being finished. I love the color swirl. It's really fun. They'll be good summer socks. Lorna's Laces Blue Hawaii (I think that's the color name, no ball band, of course...)

I brought them to work on while I was getting my hair cut Monday. The scarf is kind of fuzzy and I didn't want to risk bringing something so large to a place where there's a lot of dye in close proximity. I wanted something a little more portable. I remembered these up in the bedroom, snatched them up and got quite a bit done. Boy are they taking forever. For me, socks that are straight stockinette move so slowly. I need a pattern to jazz them up, keep me interested, make them fly along on the needles. So these are moving slower than I like.