Friday, January 25, 2008

Links to goodies I am loving these days

Sorry... no pictures today, it's dreary and cold out....

I started the pinwheel jacket with some Noro I bought when cheating on the yarn diet.  It's fun and really really fast!  I need to go pick up a bit more yarn, I ran short on the third color band.  Which also means running short on the larger bands.  So a trip to get what I need to finish things up is on its way!

Also cast on some traveling knitting, socks in Colinette Jitterbug, simple stockinette ankle length socks.

My friend Andrea turned me on to this fabulous website, a year of crockpotting.  For those of you who need easy recipes or ideas, the kitchen challenged, like me.  She's doing some interesting stuff in hers, like cornbread.  Worth a peek if you want some new recipes for yours.

Gryphon has friends who lost everything in a fire which consumed their business and devastated them.  She is donating 50% of what is selling in her shop to the family during this month.  So if you are looking for yarn, now is a good time to help a family while you are stocking up on some goodies for yourself.  

Also, there's a cool site for online classes here.  Fiber arts stuff that looks really fun.  The kind of stuff which might suck precious knitting time away but that I am interested in no matter what.  

Just a quick post to say I am still alive.  Next time lots of pictures...