Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Two Thousand and Eight

Well, I hope everyone got to do and have the New Year's Eve they were wanting.  We stayed in but amazingly did stay up into the New Year.  We could hear lots of fireworks around but never could figure out where they were coming from.  That's okay.

Resolutions?  Nope.  Although this month is get it together month so when the resolutions hit on 2/2 I am headed in the right direction.  I'll be kicking into gear the yarn diet.  I started out with a bang and have managed to lose and keep off 8 pounds of it, making last year's loss 14, something I am happy with, though there are many more to lose.  Then it tapered off, but no gain so I'm motivated to kick it up a notch.

The Commitment to Loveliness lost some ground during Christmas.  Yesterday was a big organize and rearrange day here at Mom's house.  In fact we brought in the movers.  That big a day.  Now Big Brother has a dresser from his grandparents (who conveniently own the moving and storage company and offered it to us when it was landed in their laps- man you would be shocked how much nice furniture ends up with movers, they usually will end up with what you need if you are not too picky) a big piece that was taking up space in his room and had no function is now in the living room, and PeeWee's dollhouse extravaganza now has a home in a new quiet cozy play nook.  So things are looking up for us.

We'll be warming it up with a rug soon, and it's not as empty as it really looks- the acrylic furniture is in there, you just can't see it unless you click on the pic and make it a bit bigger.

Grampa had a big day moving stuff.  He earned this nap.

And, Whoa Nelly! A picture of knitting.  Yeah baby.  I have a bunch of headbands up on my etsy shop.  A few more things to wrap up and I'll feel like I have an actual shop over there, not the one lonely listing that was left.  

I'm still wearing my headband a lot, it's really comfy.  The seed stitch gives it just that stretch without the distortion you can find with knitted headbands.  I'm having fun with these quick knits.

Don't forget to eat your black eyed peas and cabbage today!  And enjoy the new year!  Hope it's everything you want and nothing you don't need.