Thursday, July 19, 2007

Easily fooled

Well, reverse psychology can work on yourself. I finished PeeWee's dress. It morphed into a top, but it's still done. I'll be writing up the pattern soon, it was simple and it's cute! And two balls of inexpensive cotton acquired at our local Michael's. I'm just glad it's done and she can wear it.

The first idea in my head had the little flippy opening at the back, I was envisioning little ruffle bloomers underneath, and the flip peeking open to show them. I added seven extra inches around to make up for the 3.5" overlap. Oops. I sat yesterday redoing the math, coming up with off numbers until I realized that indeed, I only needed to add 3.5" extra. So, that's when it became a top, with the wrap opening in front. I cleverly knit the extra 7" into the round using an extra needle and knitting stitches together, and went up with the color change and split the top for the front and back.

Well. My brain's been on vacation. I never thought to look and see if I was knitting the front or back when I started the front decreases. Never. I did the front and back, joined the shoulder straps, weaved in the tails, tried it on PeeWee, then set it aside. About twenty minutes later, I noticed. Yep. I decided not to rip it back because it works. If it didn't it would have been a glaring mistake. So, the flap is in the back.

Bernat cottontots yarn. The entire ball of Pretty in Pink and about half the ball of Wonder White. I wanted a looser fabric so I knit it at 4 sts to the inch on size 9 needles. This yarn is a favorite cotton of mine to work with. It's a quick knit, it's made so it has a bit of give, and it washes well. It becomes softer with washings so I use it for baby stuff all the time. Especially the preemie hats. A ball of it goes a long way with kids' knits.