Friday, July 27, 2007

WIP it, WIP it good...

Oh, I am a fickle knitter.

In my living room are several bags with projects in them. I'm only fessing up to the living room today. Maybe I'll make a sweep of the house later for other half-finished knitting. Maybe.

Exhibit A:

Cotton preeemie hat, a small project, Sassy catton yarn, much pinker than this picture, so close to completion.

Exhibit B:

Classic Elite Yarns Miracle raglan top down sweater. This stuff is some nice to wrk with, I can't wait to wear it. PeeWee however feels the same way, so it's in the bag until secret knitting time comes available to me. It's not quite as orange as the picture. (It's cloudy today and my photos are out of whack colorwise.)

Exhibit C:

Mark's simple 2x2 ribbed socks for Christmas. Short row heel, I like it, my first one, I may do them more often. Fiesta Boomerang yarn, Adirondack. I like this yarn a lot for squishy around the house socks. It would make a great baby sweater too. Or a grownup sweater. Or pretty much anything else.

Exhibit D:

Cookie A Thelonious Sock. Lorna's Laces Shephard in Carrot. This is actually true color (finally for this one!) It' a lovely orange. I'm taking a mental break from this one with some basic knitting.

Exhibit E:

Mary Jacket, Laines Du Nord, Simple Knits 2 booklet. The yarn? It's lovely! Queensland Collection Kathmandu Aran Tweed. It's soft and great to work with, my only reservation has been the occaisional twig. Yes, twig, or straw or grass bit, whatever it is, I have picked a few out. But it's wool and silk and cashmere and both nice on the hands as well as the face. The color is 146. Purple red with flecks of pale pink and orange. It's nice yarn.


The damage upstairs. Mark's blanket, the blue top, um... whatever else I find up there. I'm trying to get all the WIP's in one place so I can start wrapping up some of these projects and start on holiday gifts. Not all my handmade gifts are knit, so I have to make some space for the mess that's coming.