Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I won! I won!

I happily supported Dorothy for her Relay for Life and I won a prize which arrived in the mail! I rarely win things, I was so excited!

I have been toiling away on Mark's blanket. I got to a point where I can measure and it's 6 feet wide. Love that! It's about 2 feet long at this point. It's a very quick knit. I'm joining in the yarn whenever I feel like a color change, trying hard not to repeat the same color combos. I like the random stripes, the colors together and the size. I think this one's going to be a winner. It may be hard to wait and wrap it up for Christmas, he may just get it when it's finished, assuming that IS before Christmas!

I have been in the studio a lot lately working with paper and glue. Nothing finished yet, but several promising things on the horizon. It started so I could nicely package my Sockapalooza pal's socks in a coordinating box and since half of what I do in there is wait for glue to dry, I took advantage of the time and started a few other projects. It's given me a little jump start on different creative endeavors. I didn't remember how much fun playing in my studio was!

I was dragging a few days ago, the boredom of the heat and humidity kicking in. Serious cabin fever. I envy those of you who can go outside in July and August, it's so hot and humid here. If we could drop into the 70's at night I would be thrilled, but we're into those days of 24 hour sticky air. I love my air-conditioner. It's making knitting anything larger than a sock too much to contemplate. So I started a sock.

It's Cookie A's Thelonius Sock. I love it. I started to rip it back about row 2 of the chart because I was not using my brain and was completely lost (already?) but after reading through the numbers on the actual chart it made sense. Until I got to row 28 and I kind of went on automatic pilot. I was at a knitting meetup, (redheadskydiver was there!) and I was talking (who me?) and wasn't looking at the chart and made a goof I have to rip back. It's only 4 rows. Cookie A may not have been the best choice for social knitting. I am using Lorna's Laces Shephard Socks in carrot. It is a much better orange than is showing up here, I love it.