Tuesday, July 31, 2007

On the road... again

Tomorrow we are off again. Back to North Carolina. Should be fun, and nice and cool. If my Sockapalooza buddy reads this, there will be someone house sitting and my package will arrive safely and make it inside should it come before we're back again. But I will not be able to open it until I am home again. Hopefully, I'll get word if it arrives so I can post that it has.

I am cheating a tiny bit and shipping my package early. I know it's against the rules, but better early than late!! I was informed shipping to where my socks are headed is a timely process, and the post office where I would have to ship from is nototiously slow, so I decided rather than have my buddy wonder if socks are even coming I would fudge it by a day. That has got be to better than waiting, right?

For crochet lovers, here's a very fun pattern. This is enough to make me crochet again! I like to crochet, don't get me wrong! I just haven't done it in about 3 years. I've had too many projects on knitting needles instead.

I have to confess. I have started two more projects. My sister is a psychiatrist, I may have to ask her if there's a term for this. Other than "classic ADD" she labeled me a while back. (And oh yeah, that's one that's not far off the mark)

Project one will be finished in an hour or so, it's an iPod sock for my Nano. I keep it in my purse and I worry about it getting banged up. Searching on etsy I came across some and decided they were so easy I would whip one up out of leftover sock yarn. I'm going to make one for Big Brother for Christmas, as a stocking stuffer for his iPod, too.

This is some leftover Lorna's Laces in Blue Hawaii. I like it, it's silly and practical at the same time. Makes me want to make a whole bunch of them.

Project two is my father's vest. He was a true red head in his younger days, the old 16mm movies of him look like he's running around with his head on fire. He had his colors done years ago and wears a whole range of beautiful colors all of the time. Which makes shopping for him, or in this case knitting for him, a lot of fun. He'll wear pink and light blue and orange and pale green, anything soft and lovely, that most men would run from.

Rowan Cashsoft DK in clementine. Not sure how it'll turn out, I'm working it as I go. Once again Anne Budd saves the day with her book of patterns. Where would I be without it? Think of all the math I would have to do...

Mark's socks are coming along.

I wasn't sure about this colorway, but he's thrilled. He has to wait until Christmas for these babies though. Otherwise I will have no gifts for him. I may make him a matching scarf out of this yarn. Something simple, maybe a 3x3 rib.

The nice thing about knitting ahead of time for Mark is that he genuinely forgets about something if you hold it back. So, he can even try something on, and as long as I put it away and hide it, when it comes time to open a gift, he's totally surprized! He may remember that he tried them on, but he has forgotten it in the meantime, and it's all new to him.

My knitting Sock it to Me club met at the yarn shop Saturday. Dangerous stuff. I bought a few things. I bought the vest yarn. I've bought "the" vest yarn a few times now, but it's always been knit into something else along the way. This time I couldn't wait to cast on and it's working so I know it's just the thing for him.

I also bought something I have been eyeing for ages. Cherry Tree Hill makes these humongous hanks of yarn. 1440 yards. I have no idea what I am going to knit it into. It may just hang on the wall a while. Funny thing, it's sparkly and shiny and fluffy and Mark went nuts for it!

I was kind of surprized, I thought he was going to find a way to make it seem rediculous, but he totally loved it.

If you're wondering about the red iPod, it's in the line of Red gadgets, and here's the info if you're shopping for an iPod and you want to help, too.