Tuesday, July 24, 2007


We spend a lot of our time in our back room. We have great big windows there and I sit so I am facing the green fence with the hanging baskets. It got hot and we had no rain. They died completely. (Did I ever mention I am married to a landscaper?) Then we had a lot of rain and they resurrected. I honestly have no idea how that happened, my husband asked me if I replanted them. Nope, but when I went to pull out the dead stuff I saw they had resprouted.

Now look!

Any takers? That pink bloom was NOT there yesterday. I love it! What caused this? These are petunias, which by this time of year are generally completely pooped out around these parts from the heat. I guess nature still has a few tricks up her sleeve. I'm not going to think too hard, but just sit back and enjoy this one.

In my knitting world, I started something else today. A sock. Plain Jane 2x2 ribbed sock. I went to get my hairdo'ed and needed something mindless and easily portable.

It's a little hypnotic if you look down into it...

This sock is going in Mark's Christmas stash. I haven't worked on his blanket one tiny bit this week since it's just been PeeWee and me, so maybe subconcious guilt made me grab this to start when on my way out the door this morning. ('Cause remember, my brain's tricky that way)

What happens when you bring a 2 year old along for knitting pictures? They get silly. I learn something new from her every day and today's lesson was circular needles stick in the ground very well.

That's my kimono jacket PeeWee's standing on, just started the right front. It's my at home mindless knitting, too big to bring out and about. I have a feeling it's going to be well worn when we get some cool weather.

Am I the last person in the knitting world to hear about K.A.Y.E.? Some days my head is just under a rock. It's an ongoing thing, and right up my alley with my Women's Services gig at the hospital, so I hope you'll do yourself a favor and give your doctor a call. So head on over after you've had your check up and let Bezzie know you care enough to take care of yourself this time! (And you men, get the girls in your life to go get their checkups)

Oh and in case you were wondering, I got my camera back from the shop :)