Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Mark's Blanket

Have you ever fought knitting thinking it was supposed to be one way when the yarn wanted to be something else completely? Well, this yarn had an idea of it's own. Little sampler squares were not what it was going for. It was not happy and hid in the laundry room under some other yarn.

I pulled it out to work on it, since it's on my list of goals and was unhappy with the entire idea. It seemed off somehow. I decided I would just knit random stripes and use up the yarn, saving enough white to make a border. Well, it seems to be working now. And I have decided it would make a great way to knit a sweater.

Since I bought these skeins of yarn on sale the colors are random anyway, and there are various amounts of each of them. I am just knitting how long I feel like, then reaching in a grabbing another color. A few yards of each. Joining with a Russian join then moving on.

It's a happy blanket. I like the color combinations also, even though I think a few of them clash with each other for the most part it's working. I can't wait until enough is knit to be able to spread it out and get a good look at the colors.

Here's to finishing the list, or at least getting started on the list! (I have two things checked off so far.)