Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sock progress

I love these socks. They are slower progress than I might like to see, but I am still excited to cast on for number two, so that's a good sign. I have filled them with mistakes, gone back and fixed a whole bunch, but figured if anyone was looking that critically at my socks they really needed a life, so others I left in. I love the orange, it's hard to get a good photo of the color, but it's a lovely orange. It just doesn't photograph well. And the lace and ribbing matches the zebra, who knew?

Yes, I have a zebra rug. It came to me through my grandparents, who acquired it on a safari in Africa. It has holes and is in disrepair, I'll hang on to it as long as it holds itself together though. My grandmother got malaria on that trip, so I figure a lifetime of compromised health is a good enough excuse to hang on to the tattered thing. I had several repairs made when I first got it, but there have been newer holes made since then. It was not kept well for thirty some odd years. But I love it, holes and all.

I have decided to postpone the list of goals. It's bugging me. I officially extend the list through November. I don't like pressure. I now hope to have things completed by the time my Christmas rush begins. It was a great idea, but I gave myself some huge projects without realizing it. I could cut the list in half and still have trouble getting it all wrapped up before fall officially starts. This way, when my wandering eye wants to pick up something not on the list, I can leave behind some of the guilt and enjoy working on a side project. (I have a few I would like to begin, I am sure that is shocking news)

Big Brother is off to visit family in Virginia for several weeks, and Mark is still out of town working, so it's been just PeeWee and me. It's been fun hanging out with her, she's really a very funny kid. Doesn't like me to knit though. She's very much into imaginative play right now and I love that. Her kitchen is a big hit again, which thrills me. She sits her dolls and stuffed animals at the table and sets it and cooks them elaborate meals. It charms me to watch her.

Today I have to play grown-up. I'm off to a meeting to discuss fundraising efforts at our hospital for the various Boards of Councillors. Women's Health asked me to represent them, since our chairwoman is out of town. No idea what this working lunch will entail, but I am sure to feel energized after a few hours of adult interaction. (It's been a while)