Thursday, December 20, 2007

I must post about kids

Just a little update on PeeWee and our life-long love affair with the doctor's office.  This time the cardiologist.  You can see she waits patiently.

We went in had the checkup, they did some different thing with her echo and EKG which worried me, of course, anything different will do that to a mother.  We waited for the doctor to come in and as soon as he walked in the door another nurse brought him an emergent EKG.  This poor little kid was having big problems, and PeeWee's doctor called the doctor who faxed the EKG and gave him some info then told him he'd call him back in 2 minutes.  Yes!  Two minutes meant there was no way they were going to tell us we needed to do her repeat surgery.  Huge relief, we go back again in 6 months, with some extra testing and a more likely to be needing the surgery visit.

Weird thing?  That EKG turned out to be my cousin's child, very sick and in the hospital.  (what are the odds of that?) With HIPPA I had no idea who it could have been, blacked out name and all, but when my sister in law told me about my cousin's child having this "thing" with his heart, I called my cousin and sure enough we were sitting in the appointment when our cardiologist was called into his situation by the doctor they were seeing.  It's a weird small world.

Both kids are fine, I am glad to say.  I for one am thankful for medical science and all its advances.

I knocked out the headbands for the teacher gifts and have started more to put up in the shop.  Which is being neglected since there has been virtually no free time around here.  I have a plan for some phone covers too, it's all in my head until I have a chunk of time to devote to making things.
Crafty Wednesdays went on vacation until kids are back in school, we start up again mid-January.  I miss those few hours a week to sit and just be creative.  My sewing machine is under our couch slip cover, which I need to bring in to be dry cleaned, the annual 'show off the red couch' weeks are here.  I have been itching to use it.  I have big plans (again, these plans are in my head).
I wrapped things up and realized I am a little short.  I have a sitter this morning and am going off to a few big box stores for a few last minute things.  Glad I got a chance to check early.
Can someone please tell me where I stashed the Koigu mittens I made for my niece!?!  I have looked in all logical hiding spots.  I have no idea why I even hid them, she's in college across the country.  Instead, I think I put them away.  Kinder way of saying I lost them.  Darnit.  Any ideas?
And since PeeWee was so silly last night...